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About Us

The Sterling Difference

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Our Approach

Our Group

What sets us apart is our ‘can-do’ attitude. We deliver all the intellect, grunt and expertise of a larger firm – just in a more flexible and responsive model. Within the rail sector our depth of knowledge makes us the ‘go-to’ service provider for many of Australia’s leading rail operators.

You’ll find us to be straight-talking and pragmatic. We’re a ‘sleeves-rolled-up’ business and our work ethic is second to none.

Sterling Infrastructure, GoTrain and ActivateRail work in partnership to provide an end-to-end multidisciplinary service offering including; Infrastructure Asset Management, Structural Engineering, Maintenance and Construction Services, Labor Hire, Access Consultancy, Professional Advisory Services and Nationally Recognised face-to-face and e-learning Rail Training Courses.

The combined knowledge and expertise held by our group of companies allows us to extend a unique offering to our clients, providing technically sound yet practical solutions tailored to meet their specific requirements and project constraints.

Our Values


We are committed to a workplace safe for our employees, contractors, and members of the public. We put safety first in everything we do.


We’re practical and realistic when solving our client’s problems.


We make things happen.


We understand our customer's, their business and assets as well as our staff capabilities so we know how best to add value.


We thrive on complex challenges but can get on with what needs to be done and we know the difference between them.

Our Mission

We Aim to Make a Difference

We imagine a world where Australians are connected by a world-class rail system. Enjoying the economic, social, and environmental benefits that come with it.


Our mission is to be the preferred partner to companies who own that rail network, providing superior infrastructure renewal services across the country.


We offer an integrated solution; we inspect, solve, design, build, and skill rail workers to be safe.


We want to make a difference - for our people, our clients and our business – every day. That is the ‘WHY’ of what we do.


We started as a small business servicing a single client. We didn’t bring a one-size-fits-all mentality: We carefully gauged the problem and delivered a bespoke solution.


As we have grown, we have worked hard to keep that small-firm integrity and focus. We resist hierarchy and bureaucracy.


We remember that small is beautiful – it keeps us agile and responsive.


We ensure that, every day, our people are connected to the ‘WHY’ of what we do too.


Because it’s our trust in their capability that will allow us to deliver better infrastructure, safer travel and a more connected nation.

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