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Why choose Sterling?

A career at Sterling offers wide-ranging opportunities. As the leader in rail infrastructure and renewal throughout Australia, we provide highly valued, and much sought after, expertise in asset inspection, design and construction. Our success is based on the calibre of our people who deliver on complex and interesting projects in rail and adjacent industry sectors. We not only produce great outcomes for our clients but also have a sustainable impact on the communities in which we work.


Our capabilities span across the asset life cycle, allowing us to provide a one-stop-shop for our clients’ needs. We’re the “go to” service provider for many of Australia’s leading rail operators. We are recognised for being professional, solution focused and easy to deal with. We have a reputation for getting things done.


We nurture talent and offer a robust approach to the professional development of our people. This includes mentoring support, ongoing training, and career development. We provide a collaborative and creative environment.


We’re proud of the gender, age and cultural diversity of our workforce and the success of our people. Our values are built around safety; agility; intelligence; pragmatism and relationships.

“The culture at Sterling has always been one of support, growth, learning and nurturing. The company values, including agility, pragmatism, client focus and “can do” attitude, are practiced daily throughout the organisation and have led to impressive results. These values are transferrable outside the engineering space. We are surrounded by diligent, hard-working, inspirational leaders who foster a family culture. You are in the trenches with colleagues from all levels of the organisation which goes a long way to breaking down any perceived job tittle barriers.” — Sterling employee

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