Sterling offers end-to-end infrastructure management services delivered
by our expert team of engineers, project managers and technical staff.

Sterling’s engineering division provides practical and cost-effective solutions to operators and developers of transport and civil infrastructure.  With broad skill sets, our services extend across new design, assessment and load rating, and rehabilitation and life extension.  We provide tier 1 calibre consulting from a smaller, more adaptable organisational format that encourages competitive pricing, responsiveness and innovation.

Our engineers bring a depth of technical knowledge and industry experience to every project.  We are known as experts and thought leaders in the evaluation and management of dated railway structures. We subscribe to the philosophy that engineers should have working familiarity with these structures, and so our people are committed to being ‘on site’ for our clients to help them manage risk.

Practical solutions are at the heart of all of our work, and we take special care to tailor our solutions to meet our clients’ project specific needs.

Capabilities and Services


  • Design of steel, concrete, timber, CFRP.
  • Greenfield and renewals
  • Remedial and strengthening works
  • Concept design and options development through to detailed design and documentation


  • Level 3 inspection, special/expert investigation
  • Non-destructive testing and material sampling
  • Load rating and fatigue assessment
  • Computer modelling (2D/3D, linear, non-linear, FEA)
  • Repair vs replacement cost/benefit analysis
  • Risk assessment and feasibility studies

Project and Management Support

  • Design management and documentation
  • Construction methodology development
  • Fabrication review and support
  • 3rd party independent verification and proof engineering
  • Site superintendent and client representation
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Expert witness