Sim’s Street & Kanandah Road Bridges

August 2018


In recent months Sterling has been involved in two influential bridge investigation and repair projects, both with time sensitive and safety focused parameters.

Sim’s Street Bridge

We have been working hard to deliver a thorough engineering investigation of Sim’s Street bridge, a 90 year old steel truss bridge in Melbourne’s West. Through co-ordination of sample extractions and material testing, we have been able to provide a value management strategy for the future use of the asset and for our client. Sterling relish the opportunity to be involved in a project with such a key piece of rail infrastructure, as well as the chance to assist asset owners in developing management plans to extend the life span of their assets.


Kanandah Road Bridge

A near fatal incident occurred last week at Kanandah Road bridge, where a truck carrying an excavator directly impacted the bridge after misjudging the height of the structure. Sterling were the first point of call for the emergency bridge strike and was able to assist the asset owner in their times of need. Sterling were instrumental and effective in their response to inspect the bridge damage and deliver remedial works in order to return the bridge to service. This was a rewarding experience for our Engineering Investigations Manager Liam Fetherston, who was able to create and implement clever solutions to get trains moving again.