NCL611KM Nine Cell Culvert Installation

Completion Date

August 2019

Sterling has undertaken many culvert renewals for Aurizon Operations as part of their ongoing maintenance program for civil and structural assets in the Central Queensland Coal Network. The upgrade of a three cell to a nine cell culvert was recently completed on the North Coast Line under a 72 hour track closure.

The scope of works included demolition, replacement of unsuitable subgrade, installation of twenty pre-cast base slabs including connecting stitch pours and fifty-four precast culvert boxes, backfill and capping, ballast placement and track construction. This project was required to be delivered under overhead power with height limiting plant and safe access procedures in place and enforced.

The work was completed without incident and handed back to the client before the end of the closure period. Sterling then installed protocol fencing to construct end structures and drainage works outside the danger zone under usual live rail conditions. The planning and methodology required to deliver a large project under time pressure required Sterling to coordinate with the corridor operators, the Department of Transport and Main Roads and private land owners adjacent to the corridor. The result of the project was a successful closure for all parties involved and the works completed within the allocated budget.