Engineering Investigations

Completion Date

In progress

Sterling is currently delivering a two year contract for ARTC routine visual and engineering asset inspection and load rating. Under this contract, Sterling inspects over 10,000 assets including bridges, culverts and retaining walls. The assets are located in multiple Australian states along the following corridors:

  • Albury to Kalgoorlie (VIC, NSW, SA and WA)
  • Sydney and Albury  (NSW)
  • Telarah to Acacia Ridge (NSW, QLD)

Over the 2-year period Sterling will complete over 600 engineering inspections of bridges (steel, concrete, masonry) including complex steel trusses on the North Coast Line. Load rating calculations are undertaken for all bridges to assess the current capacity of each of the bridges inspected and ensure they are able to carry their required load

Sterling also maintains the ARTC asset management system database by entering all the defects into the system and closing relevant work orders. Using a bespoke mobile data capture tool, the inspectors can review previous defects while in the field recorded against each asset to assess their deterioration. All data is captured directly onto the mobile device with relevant photos.

The load rating team can then immediately access the data and photos to complete the load rating calculation.

Sterling has faced difficult challenges due to COVID lockdown restrictions implemented since June 2020 in various states. Sterling has managed to deploy its agile workforce in various states and all inspections have been completed on time to ensure compliance with ARTC and ONSR strict inspection timeframes.

Sterling’s qualified inspectors have multiple working at height competencies enabling them to safely use EWP equipment or ropes access techniques ensuring technical inspectors can immediately review the condition of the bridge in very varied topographies.