Engineering Investigation – Murray River Bridge

Completion Date

November 2019 - Present

Sterling were engaged by ARTC to undertake a detailed engineering investigation of the Murray River Rail Bridge, located in Albury spanning the Murray River. The lattice frame through truss structure was constructed circa 1880 of wrought iron and was subjected to a detailed inspection as well as load rating and fatigue assessment.

Sterling undertook inspection works by utilizing a combination of access methods including; hi-rail EWP, undercarriage bridge unit, UAV drone camera and underwater SONAR scanning. Sterling are currently undertaking the comprehensive load rating assessment. A full structural model was built using Spacegass Structural assessment software, which included all primary structural elements. The load rating assessment will consider multiple load cases and corresponding actions in order to derive an accurate rating factor.

All inspection findings and assessment results, as well as recommendations on the best management options for future long-term performance for this structure, will be presented in an Engineering Assessment Report.