Goonyella Line Pipe Jacking Design & Construction Package

Completion Date

August 2019

Aurizon Operations commissioned Sterling to deliver the design and construction of three pipe jacking projects under live rail conditions in the Goonyella system around the Nebo and Dysart regions.

Sterling engaged a specialist geotechnical and pipe jacking design engineer and managed the overall investigation, design and methodology for approval by the client prior to commencing construction. Each site presented different conditions resulting in a variety of pipe class, size and jacking methods being adopted for cost effectiveness on behalf of the client.

Sterling then engaged sub-contractors and allocated internal staff to manage the successful delivery of the construction. This project involved track monitoring to ensure subsidence during horizontal boring and installation of pipework had no impact on rail operations. The project was completed on time and within the allocated budget for each site and the methodologies developed can be applied to future works under similar conditions. At no time were there any delays nor speed restrictions to the movement of trains on the network above which was a very positive result for the project.